2017, “Slow Year”


May 2017 be even better than 2016 !!!

I hope you have had a good holiday and start this year on a good basis 😁
…I was on my last legs (tiredness, many colds in December). Fortunately, a week of holidays helped me 😅

Before the 2017 resolutions, let’s see what about those of 2016, remember:

  • Change my way of eating
  • Do some physical exercises
  • Taking care of my skin
  • Take the time to be creative
  • Giving myself small moments of relaxation


And…the first half of the year, it was well gone but the second half… too much tired… I was just trying to do the daily stuff (and that was already too much)…

My new year’s resolutions for 2017:

  • Get organized
    Bonnes résolutions 2017 - S'organiser
    Todo-list of everything (even creative or relaxation time), disconnect. My schedule should be very busy from September 2017 !!😱
  • Read more
    Bonnes résolutions 2017 - LireI love reading but for budget and time, I read less in recent years. So define a monthly budget devoted to reading, get pleasure, read the morning in the train / the evening before bed, use the e-reader for the free classics or books that I don’t care to keep.
  • Be more creative
    BonneReso3bOk… the same as 2016 😅
  • Apply the “slow attitude”
    BonneReso4bRelaxation, take care of me …


And for the second half of 2017 because it will be difficult before:

  • Pay attention to what I eat
    Not too much sugar, find a routine that boosts me in the morning and relaxes me at night
  • Doing some sport
    To not be breathless at the slightest effort (and be less dubious in front of my closet incidentally)

And you?
What about 2016?
What new year’s resolutions for 2017?

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