2018, “same player, play again”

And hop, bye 2017, hello 2018
And by the way:
Happy New Year !!

And we start immediately with the resolutions because we take the same and we start again.

In 2017, a little girl came to join the little boy. And even if it’s easier with a second child, it still implies some changes in organization and time … and I must say that since I came back to work in September, I run after time…

In 2018 :
Get organized:
In 2017, I discovered the bullet journal method and I tested it during 2 months. I enjoyed having everything in the same place: no more duplicate flying lists but lists in the middle of the diary pages disturbed me …
I could have solved it by taking a filofax and reorganizing the sheets but I also realized that it took a little (a lot) of time to prepare each months … especially when I will come back to work. And I discovered “my agenda”, mix between diary and bujo. I patiently waited for the filofax version, I’ve added all the sheets I wanted and I’m keeping everything in one place. I will continue with my filofax and I will just add new lists to better help me in organization.

books the circle, free your creativity - Minky Gigi
Read more:
Always a monthly budget and I will read mainly in the morning on the train while I’m going to work, one of my rare breaktimes. On the other hand, I’m too tired in the rain the evening to read … I look at Instagram generally (an addiction that maybe I should drop a little 😕)

chameleon pens - Minky Gigi
Be more creative:
Review of 2017 … uh … no new illustration. But last summer, I sew a lot of stuff including Daria dress from Wear Lemonade.
In 2018, a lot of sewing project on lists, but which will surely remain a list. On the other hand, I hope to find the time to draw, publish on the blog, update the shops … and test new creative supplies.

Lov organic lovely break - Minky Gigi
Slow down:
If I have some time left for me to enjoy a peaceful moment . And then, if not, enjoy family time.
Pay attention to my diet:
Surely the hardest to put in place … because it takes a lot of time to reorganize and the time … I will do what I can

Doiy yoga mat -Minky Gigi
Do a little sport:
I began pilates in September 2017. Now I would like to do more than 1 hour per week when it is possible and without constraint so I will start by listing the movements that I like and organize a small program of 30min.
And I add
Sort my closet:
But it will be in the second half of the year, when my weight will stabilize a little.

And you?
Resolutions for 2018?

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