Kat Von D at Sephora France

I thought to post this yesterday, but pfff … it was already today …

Why yesterday? To celebrate the arrival of Kat von D at Sephora in France.
No, I am not a beauty blogger … but I follow a few of them and I love palettes of all kinds, colors …
Make-up makes me dream, event if I usually make up discreetly …

I looked at the available products on Sephora France, I will not do madness for now 😜
(Shopaholic doesn’t wake up… I progress 😁)

On the other hand, as Sephora France now distributes Too Faced and Kat Von D, I wonder if we will have one day the collab “better together” in France …
Because … I already have a wishlist… but when I see the price (in $), I don’t know if it is rather a wanted wishlist (a purchase more or less planned) or a dream wishlist (if finances are going well)
(Shopaholic is back … 😅)

To draw a little more, I decided now to have fun drawing a part of my wishlist
Small drawings, more or less quick to do…

So here is what makes me dream in the collab:



Some images of the work in progress :

And for those who love to color, I have made an adult coloring page:

You can find it here

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